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Sports wagering has no place for the part time sports handicapper. To be successful at handicapping pro and college sports picks you need attention to detail. Attention to detail on a daily basis is essential before making your sports picks. You may pick up a newspaper in the morning and decide to bet some football games or basketball games and may get lucky on occasion but over the long haul you will lose a lot of money. Most players tend to chase underdogs trying to catch those attractive prices or fall into the trap of playing the obvious favorites. All you really need to do is hit 1 more game than you lose to make a profit. Another common mistake among players is to place bets on too many games at one time. The more games you play, the more chance you have losing. Stick to 1 game that you feel real strong about and you will find it much more profitable. The hard part is selecting that game.

That's where we come in. Analyzing the point spread; How to establish offensive and defensive rankings to predict scores, the impact of home field advantage, the motivational factor, evaluation of injuries, umpires and refs and several other trends and statistics all come into play. These can be overwhelming for the average bettor. We are not perfect and we will lose some games also, so please wager safe and if you can't afford to lose sometimes then please don't use us. We also don't want the sport better who thinks they can just use us real quick to make some quick cash. We do it safe and simple with a process that works. We want you to take your bank and grow it by betting our plays the same amount everyday no matter if you like the sport or not. We will win you money but the only way is for you to bet the 1 game we give you daily. If you must bet for your favorite team or bet because it's on TV then don't buy from us. We want our customer base to grow and for you to spread the word how much your bank has increased but if you go half with us and half with your own picks then your bank will just shrink and you'll tell people that we didn't help you.

Please go to the About Us page to read even more before making your decision but we have one more thing to say. You will never find any handicapping service that grades their plays daily and lets you see the records daily win or lose. All of our cash earned or lost is based on wagers to win $100. You may wager more or less but at least this gives you an idea. So please read more on our About Us page and Iím sure we will hear from you soon but in the mean time please stop guessing at games and let us win them for you. Yes we cost you money at the start but it is an investment that pays off in the end and not a cost at all.


All profit or loss to the left is based off wagers to win $100


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